BREAKING: Meta Profits from Scams – Watch 'Shark Tank' and Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Gummies Ads [v3qp2d]

BREAKING: Meta Profits from Scams – Watch \'Shark Tank\' and Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Gummies Ads

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Meta only cares about their investors. Meta is the parent company of Faceobook and Instagram. They continue to accept money from scammers to run these deepfake video ads with "Shark Tank" and Kelly Clarkson. No celebrities have ever endorsed keto gummies for weight loss, ever. Mark Zuckerberg and his people won't make it more difficult to advertise on their platform because that would mean less quarterly revenue in the reports for investors. They make billions every quarter but refuse to help their users. This is the world we live in. My video seeks to educate people about the scam to help them either avoid it or to call their credit card company if they fell victim to it.

Special credit: Thumbnail images that I've used lately were inspired by designs from Steve Ram, a stellar YouTuber who I admire and recommend, and also Bill Burr's "Monday Morning Podcast." I'm testing out various thumbnail image designs to see what might be able to work best, so that I can reach as many people to warn them about these scams.