Kelly Clarckson weight loss #weightloss #weightlossjourney #kellyclarkson [f9xlcth]

Kelly Clarckson weight loss  #weightloss #weightlossjourney #kellyclarkson [f9xlcth]

The Kelly Clarkson Weight loss story is very typical of many patients I would see in the office. In fact, it is very typical of many people who try to lose weight – but they get confused between managing their obesity, and simply trying to lose weight.

Most people are going to be successful initially at losing weight. However, the challenge comes after several months of losing weight. Most people do not have short, intermediate goal, posts, or a long-term plan, as how they're going to keep the weight off. They undergo a very severe calorie restrictive diet, and this that is followed by them, getting bored and being unable to sustain the diet and so they stop dieting. Slowly they will give up and what will happen is the body will gain all of the weight that was lost in the first place and more!

So it's extremely important to have short goal posts, as well as intermediate a long-term goal posts this would be the only opportunity to help you would be successful in the long run.

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