Kelly Clarkson's Weight Loss Story: How She Lost Over 40 Pounds [03gh75t]

Kelly Clarkson\'s Weight Loss Story: How She Lost Over 40 Pounds

Kelly Clarkson hasn't held back while discussing her experience losing weight.
And why ought she to? She is pleased with the woman she has become!
Following a tumultuous few years marked by childbirth, divorce, and a significant relocation, Kelly is announcing to the world that she is both well and content.
This is how she lost almost 40 pounds—from her diet to her exercise regimen to the Olympic rumors.
Kelly first made mention of losing weight in December of 2023.
In an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, her talk show, she joked about wearing spanx for warmth rather than support.
By now, fans were responding to what seemed to be a happier, healthier Kelly and were starting to notice that she was losing weight.
The well-liked singer revealed in a sit-down interview with People that moving from Los Angeles to New York City significantly accelerated her path to health.
"I had been miserable in Los Angeles for a number of years. She said, "I needed a fresh start," and noted that the relocation gave her and her kids additional opportunities for daily movement.
We take the dogs for several walks in the park. My daughter will wear me out, so we'll go get ice cream. We're going to the museum and we're going to make slime," she said.
Diet, of course, plays a significant role in the advancement as well. Being loyal to herself, Kelly took her doctor's instructions and added her own unique flair!
I consume a balanced variety. I lost weight because I've been paying attention to my doctor; for a few years, I wasn't. And since I benefit from a high-protein diet anyhow, I'm pretty good at it ninety percent of the time. I'm a Texas gal, therefore I apologize to all vegans worldwide—I like meat!

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