Kelly Clarkson's Weight Loss Transformation Has Given Her a 'Really Nice Ego Boost' Following Nasty [d5xikpt1]

Kelly Clarkson\'s Weight Loss Transformation Has Given Her a \'Really Nice Ego Boost\' Following Nasty

According to a recent source, Kelly Clarkson has been happy to show off her revenge body after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock in 2022. "Kelly says getting back at Brandon wasn't her motivation," the source said of The Kelly Clarkson Show host, who had a recent weight loss transformation. "Everyone's been telling Kelly how incredible she looks, which is a really nice ego boost," the insider spilled, adding that she has revamped her style, opting for more formfitting outfits. "She's gone from covering up and camouflaging her waistline to showing off her figure," they explained. The star's new look came after she and Blackstock finalized their divorce in 2022, where the former lovers settled for joint custody of kids, River, 9, and Remington, 7. While she has yet to get back into dating, Clarkson's "friends and colleagues are all itching to set her up and she's excited to go on some dates," according to the source. "Kelly's not rushing into anything but there's no way she's going to sit around being single forever," the insider noted. "I have two kids, two dogs, three rabbits, a hamster, multiple jobs - there's a lot going on. "In all honestly, I think it's just happiness and really making sure you're surrounding yourself with people that, you know, you share similar things," she revealed. "If you've ever been in a relationship that you know is not going well but you keep trying because you know there is magic there, there is the reason why you started in the relationship in the first place, it's hard," Clarkson said on the Today show.