Smyrna, TN P.O. Box 7000 for CBD and Keto Gummies, Discussed [dz29sn]

Smyrna, TN P.O. Box 7000 for CBD and Keto Gummies, Discussed [dz29sn]

Did you receive CBD or keto gummies in a package on your doorstep addressed from a "fulfillment center" or P.O. Box 7000 in Smyrna, Tennessee 37167, as has shown up in Google search results? Did you have no recollection of ordering the product, nor did you receive any charges from your bank or credit card? Or aside from that, did you see a scam article that claimed a big-name celebrity endorsed the products, that led you to make an order that said it would be around $38 or $39 but ended up being close to $200? If so, I want you to leave a comment below. This is my personal YouTube channel, but I am also a full-time reporter on another website. I've been looking into CBD and keto gummies scams for a few years, and lately a lot of people have been telling me about a "fulfillment center" or 7000 P.O. Box from Smyrna, Tennessee, and they've shared their experiences about it.

In addition to CBD and keto gummies involving an unnamed company in Smyrna, Tennessee, I have also received information about similar P.O. Boxes or "fulfillment center" locations in Tampa, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. What's happening here? Why are some people receiving orders despite having no recollection of ordering, or not having a charge on their debit or credit cards?

If you have information about this, please let me know down below. Use the comments as a hub to discuss this with other people, and bookmark this video page (URL) or send the link to yourself in an email and keep coming back to it to see comments in the coming days, weeks, and months. Discuss what you know with other people, and maybe we can find out what's happening with all of this. It seems very scammy, and I would like to try to piece together why people are receiving these products at their doorstep.

Tell me your story in the comments. What did you experience? Also, please like this video and tap the "Thanks" button off to the right below. Thanks for watching.

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