Unlocking Kelly Clarkson's Weight Loss Secret: Not Ozempic! | #KellyClarkson #WeightLossJourney [fuy6isj]

Unlocking Kelly Clarkson\'s Weight Loss Secret: Not Ozempic! | #KellyClarkson #WeightLossJourney

Unlocking Kelly Clarkson's Weight Loss Secret: Not Ozempic! | #KellyClarkson #WeightLossJourney [fuy6isj]ㅤ

Kelly Clarkson has clarified the speculation surrounding her recent weight loss, revealing that it's not attributable to Ozempic, as many had assumed, but rather to a different medication. During a candid discussion on a recent episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" with Whoopi Goldberg, the former "American Idol" contestant shared insights into her journey toward shedding pounds.

Contrary to popular belief, Clarkson disclosed, "Mine is a different medication than people assume, but I ended up having to do that too because my bloodwork got so bad." Despite initial hesitations due to existing thyroid issues, Clarkson's doctor had been recommending the medication for two years. She clarified, "Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic, it’s not. It’s something else." This medication aids in sugar breakdown, addressing Clarkson's body's inefficiencies in this process.

Reflecting on her weight, Clarkson admitted to a lack of awareness of her size until viewing one of her performances with her team. She humorously remarked, "I was never insecure about it. I was happy. … I just did not see that." She added that despite assumptions about her unhappiness due to her weight, she felt content. Her weight loss journey commenced after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic earlier this year, prompting her to adopt healthier eating habits and heed her doctor's advice, a lifestyle shift she's maintained since her 2020 separation from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, whom she also managed.

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